Over the summer the Management Board has met several times working on our return to play plans.  As of today, we are planning on a curling season.  Having said that, things will be different this season.
As I am sure you can appreciate, there are many details that are still and will continue to evolve throughout the season.  As an organization, we will need to be very agile and adjust plans accordingly.  However, there are some things we know now that I can share with you.
We will be moving to a virtual registration model this year.  A physical, in-person event just does not make a lot of sense right now.  We are hoping to have further details out the week of September21, 2020.
There will be no fee increase this year.  We understand that many of us have had a challenging few months and finances might be a little tighter.
The Club will be relying on volunteers, even more, this season.  The complete loss of our revenue streams this summer limits our ability to hire staff.  If you would like to find out how you can help email me at joshua.szajewski@keewatincurlingclub.com.
In accordance with the requirements put in place by the Northwest Health Unit, we have developed a mask policy.  It and other useful information can be found at keewatincurlingclub.com/return-to-play.
In the next few weeks, we will be hosting a virtual meeting to further discuss our plans for keeping everyone safe and to answer any questions you may have.  I will distribute an invitation as soon as we can firm up the details.
In closing, I want to leave you with two clear messages.  First, under current restrictions, we are allowed to open and operate our curling facility this season.  Second, the Management Board is fully committed to providing a curling season to our members in a safe and responsible way.
Thanks and I will be reaching out to you soon with updates.
Joshua Szajewski
Management Board of the Keewatin Curing Club